Customers with Special Needs

The taxi industry is an important part of the independence of society’s most vulnerable, our senior citizens and people with disabilities. The taxi driver needs to understand the various physical and mental impairments that they will come in contact with and the special needs of these passengers. The taxi driver will learn how to assist willing special needs customers with dignity and professionalism.

A.O.D.A. (2005) legislation and specifically the transportation standard (IASR) will require all municipalities to develop a plan to provide on demand taxi service in 2014 through to 2025 to meet minimum performance standards. This will lead to an increased number of accessible taxis being available to the public but it will also require an increased level of service and training by the taxi drivers. Our Customers with Special Needs module provides hands on training for customers with mobility and sensory disabilities and includes loading/unloading wheelchairs and scooters into accessible vehicles, loading and unloading wheelchairs into a sedan taxi, proper securement of wheelchairs using the Q-Straint Securement system and methods and procedures for assisting sight impaired passengers with the ‘guided method’ of assistance.

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