Driver Training Brampton

In 2013, the Taxi Academy was approved to deliver skills and service training in the City of Brampton for new and existing drivers. Throughout 2013, three modules were offered to existing drivers in a variety of class formats that allowed for weekday, evening and the occasional weekend classes to limit potential impact on income and taxi operations.  The Course Schedule is available online using the red tab “Need to Register Course Calendar”.

New Taxi Driver Classes

New taxi drivers wishing to be licensed in Brampton must first attend the city’s licensing division at the corner of Chrysler Drive and Williams Parkway and submit an application, a fee and undertake an English language test. Upon successful completion of the application and the test, the licensing office will direct the new taxi driver applicant to call the Taxi Academy and arrange for training. Each new taxi driver student must complete 4 courses over 3 or 4 sessions. The classes are spread out over the month to allow students time to study the geography and routing requirements as well as limit time off of other jobs or family responsibilities.

The Taxi Academy delivers classes primarily on Wednesday evenings.  The Course Schedule is available online using the red tab “Need to Register Course Calendar”.

The courses include:

  • Robbery Prevention, Safety and Security $132.50
  • Accessibility & Customers with Special Needs  $132.50
  • The Professional Driver & Bylaws  $132.50
  • New Driver Orientation (Communication & Customer Service) $147.50

At the completion of all of the classes the taxi driver student can request to write the final exam.  Exams are offered on Wednesdays at 2 pm or daily at our Markham office.


The New Taxi Driver Course fee is $500.00 and it includes one final test attempt. Additional test attempts are $100.00.  There is a textbook charge of $50.00.

Students who have successful certificates and training from the Taxi Academy in other cities, within the previous 3 years, may receive a discount from the price and an exemption from a portion of the training. However, they will be required to write and successfully pass the final exam.


The Brampton new driver classes are held at Singh Driving School, 1090 Peter Robertson Blvd. second level.