Compliance Audits

Auditing actual customer experiences in the field is a critical tool for taxi business operators (brokers and plate owners), management, municipalities, and provincial agencies to determine whether safety and compliance is being achieved by organizations and if training and enforcement techniques are being used or achieving desired outcomes.

Compliance audits can be used for customer service standards or for even more important pursuits such as, dispatch services, fare provisions, accessible vehicle availability levels and the critical determination of whether taxi drivers are properly securing wheelchairs and proper securement of the passenger, in place for the safety of the passengers. Recent journalism reports have highlighted secret video of drivers serving customers in wheelchairs where no attempt was made to comply with mandatory safety securement that puts the customer at significant risk. The Taxi Academy has developed a compliance audit tool for service as well as service to people with disabilities to determine whether the service standard is being delivered and all procedures for safe securement are being followed.

The benefits of these reports have long been identified as a tool for benchmarking success or identifying opportunities for service enhancements in many industries. The Taxi Academy has completed hundreds of compliance audits and assessments to assist municipalities and taxi companies in their goals for service excellence.

If you are interested in implementing a compliance audit program in your community with your Taxi Company or municipality please give us a call for a free consultation.