Vince joined the Taxi Academy in 2013 and has been a regular instructor in areas such as communication, customer service, gaining voluntary compliance, ethics and decision making, and professional driving. Vince brings to the classroom an understanding of adult learners from many years as a trainer in career services and career development as well as a coach in amateur and youth basketball. Vince was formerly the Manager of Licensing and Enforcement for the City of Hamilton with responsibilities that included development of by-laws and compliance strategies for the taxi and limousine industry, tow truck sector, noise, and sign by-laws to name a few. Vince is a certified trainer of all defensive driving courses for the Ontario Safety League/Canada Safety Council (2013) and has been certified as a trainer by Q-Straints to deliver accessible training to the transit and taxi sectors in use of restraints and tie downs. Vince is involved in curriculum development and advisory services to municipalities in the creation or modification of by-laws.