About The Academy

The Taxi Academy is a professional training organization delivering advocacy, customer service and ‘culture’ change to taxi companies and municipalities in Canada and the United States.

The Taxi Academy is affiliated with Canadian Business Skills College in Markham.

In 2008 through 2011, the Taxi Academy delivered training to all existing taxi drivers, in Hamilton, in one day professional development courses. Courses included Accessibility & Special Needs, Communication Essentials and Customer Service, and By-laws, Safety and Conflict. Over 1200 taxi drivers were trained each year.

Between 2008 and 2013, new taxi drivers were required to take a 5 day course covering the same courses plus geography, routing, map reading and a taxi operations courses. Over 600 students have taken the New Taxi Driver Course in Hamilton since 2008.

In 2014, the new taxi training in Hamilton evolved to a 7 day course that includes modules in accessibility support, wheelchair/scooter loading and securement, passenger securement and CPR/First Aid.

In 2010, the Taxi Academy began training of all new and currently licensed drivers in Markham, Ontario. Currently, licensed drivers must take a one day course annually. New drivers take a 4 day course. Courses are held at the City of Markham offices or at Canadian Business Skills College in Markham.

In 2011/2012, drivers in Markham were trained on Customers with Special Needs to meet minimum AODA requirements. In 2012/2013, taxi drivers were trained on Decision Making, Ethics and Image as well as a By-Law Refresher. In 2013/2014, taxi drivers were trained on Defensive Driving and Cultural Sensitivity. In 2014/2015, taxi drivers will be trained on World Class Service, World Class Games in preparation for the Pan Am games in July of 2015. In 2016, taxi drivers will be trained in Functional Accessibility and AODA update that will be a hands on training program where drivers will demonstrate their ability to assist passengers with various sensory and mobility disabilities. Although, students will not be certified in accessible restraint procedures, they will be introduced to the procedures and importance of safe securement.

In 2013, the Taxi Academy became an approved training provider for the City of Brampton delivering a New Taxi Driver Course and three Refresher Courses for 1300 licensed drivers in Brampton. Courses are now complete for all existing taxi drivers and training is provided only for new taxi drivers.

New Taxi Drivers in Brampton must take 4 courses and pass a final exam to meet licensing requirements. Courses are held at Singh Driving School in Brampton at 1090 Peter Robertson Blvd. (second level), mostly on evenings so that students do not need to take an absence from work. There is a class running every week so students can start right away.

In 2014, the Taxi Academy will be adding an on-line learning component to its training delivery to assist taxi companies and municipalities with smaller numbers of existing drivers and new taxi driver applicants to meet training requirements on a more flexible schedule. This training model can be combined with more limited face to face seminars and includes on line testing for understanding and certificate delivery. For new taxi drivers a final exam and a limited seminar could be used to meet licensing requirements.

In 2014, the Taxi Academy will be delivering a 4 day course specifically for those drivers who will be operating wheelchair accessible vehicles. This course will include legislative requirements, attitudinal training and there will be a significant hands on component so that drivers are well trained in the actual securement systems and procedures.